And we're back... kinda

I've slapped together a few things and managed to get Dreamland Blues back on the 'air'.

Please choose one of the links on the 'Listen Now' menu to the right. There are links for WinAmp, iTunes (yuck), Windows Media Player (really? who still uses that hot mess?), Real Player (snicker) and QuickTime ( I dare you to use it. ).

I'm still working on a web page based player. Coming soon...

New site template

I've change a few things about the site layout today.

  • New site template - This one is called 'Music' and is available here.
  • Added Live365 'now playing' badge. - I've done away with the 'now playing' widget I was using and replaced it with an o-fish-al badge widget from Live365. It includes cover art for the currently playing track, track title and artist as well as links to play the stream.

Happy Christmas!

It has been far too long since I last posted -- Life gets in the way of your hobbies sometimes. ;-)

Lots to talk about so let's get to it.

Christmas Blues
I've added almost 200 Blues (and Blues-ish) Christmas tracks to the playlist. If my math is correct (that's a stretch, let me tell you) this translates to every 3rd or 4th track. Just because this is a Blues station doesn't mean we can celebrate the Holidays!